Gold Dogs Vintage: A Must Visit Seattle Boutique

DSC_0540There is something so special about local boutiques, stores that curate an offering that count be found through a simple google search with product not available anywhere else. In our age of access to absolutely everything finding something unique and one of a kind is rare and quite special. Gold Dogs Vintage is one of those places, tucked quietly in Ballard right under your nose as you walk to get Hot Cakes on a Friday night. A mix of reworked vintage, true vintage and vintage inspired pieces they offer something that is so hard to find these days: clothing that you can’t find anywhere else.

DSC_0555It all started with a conversation about cutoff shorts with a coworker. The perfect pair is so hard to find these days and yet they are the perfect summer staple. She had recently discovered a boutique in Ballard that sold vintage jeans that had been reworked into cutoff shorts and she swore by them, so off to Gold Dogs I went.
DSC_0587-3When I walked in I was overwhelmed by an un-Seattle-like western vibe and the most fabulous table of vintage-looking 80’s band tees. While they do have the real deal as well Gold Dogs does amazing reproductions of some of our favorite vintage numbers on worn-in oh so comfy heavyweight tee’s like this one that you will swear has been in your closet for years. With my fiance’s love of 80’s bands and Metallica specifically I knew I had to go home with one under the guise of ‘sharing it’ with my future husband. Needless to say I may have been wearing it non-stop since furthering the broken-in pre-loved vibe that it came with.
DSC_0551-2The shorts at Gold Dogs are really a stellar find. While you are going to have to try on an entire stack since sizing is all over the place (hello vintage) as the gal manning the store explained to me ‘it’s all about finding the right fit and the perfect amount of cheek showing.’ In my case I opted for a non-stretch Levis pair that fit like a dream and fit the bill of ‘not so much cheek’ in my case. I was heartbroken though that a stretchy pair of Wranglers were just a smidge to small so I will definitely be back soon to try to find another perfect pair to add to my collection.DSC_0574 An oversized vintage Wrangler denim jacket almost made the cut from Gold Dog’s selection of true vintage clothing. It has been haunting me ever since however knowing there was only one of those special pieces I doubt that it is still available. The moral of the story: when it’s one of a kind the default choice should be BUY IT rather than wait or risk nightmares about how perfect it would have been with a short floral dress, like I have been having.

DSC_0539-2In addition to true vintage, reworked vintage and vintage inspired pieces Gold Dogs also has a good selection of modern brands that fit their aesthetic such as Brixton. This mix of modern style and vintage cowboy boots (what they are known for) gives so much personality to the place, I promise you that you will have a hard time leaving without a full outfit. So keen is the store on individuality that they even instruct you on how to de-grommet your shorts should you choose to personalize themselves thus furthering the ‘its your clothing, it should reflect your style’ vibe that should be all of our mantras.

DSC_0570So the next time you want an unique amazing item for your wardrobe checkout Gold Dogs Vintage and I promise you won’t be disappointing. I have linked their website HERE but this is the kind of place that you really need to stop in, plus Hot Cakes is just down the block so you really have no excuse.

Happy Shopping and thanks for shopping Local and supporting home grown businesses here in Seattle.


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  • Tee & Shorts Gold Dogs Vintage
  • 5221A Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA. 98107


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