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Spring/Summer 2023 Runway Trends: Ep 1: Buy, Thrift, Make or Pass Trending Colors

Dive into the kaleidoscope of Spring/Summer 2023 trending colors straight from the runway! In the first episode of this style series, I will guide you through each vibrant hue, with expert advice on whether to buy new, thrift, make, or pass on these sensational shades. Following fashion trends doesn’t have to be at odds with making sustainable choices. Step into the future of fashion and unlock your ultimate palette with our insider tips, perfect for eco-conscious style mavens. Don’t miss this electrifying journey to a bold, colorful season ahead!

Threaded Together Podcast S1 E1: Behind the Seams, Getting to Know the Founders of Threaded Together

In the debut episode of “Threaded Together,” hosts Rebecca and Tracy introduce themselves and share their passion for fashion, garment construction, and sustainability. Listeners will learn about their respective backgrounds, from Rebecca’s experience as a content creator and purveyor of cutting-edge style to Tracy’s impressive home-sewing skills honed at top schools and through her own experimentation.