Spring/Summer 2023 Runway Trends: Ep 1: Buy, Thrift, Make or Pass Trending Colors

In the realm of sustainable fashion, one might argue that following trends fuels overconsumption and should be eschewed. Indeed, in an ideal world where personal style is unwavering and our wardrobes never bore us, this could hold true. However, reality paints a different picture, and we must address the question: How can we harness the ever-evolving trend cycle to cultivate a sustainable, expressive, and empowering wardrobe?

Enter the inaugural episode of Buy, Thrift, Make or Pass—an innovative series that navigates the world of fashion trends with an eco-conscious twist. Drawing upon a decade of industry expertise, I will divulge my insights on the trend du jour, showcase pieces from my existing collection that align with it, and offer expert guidance on purchasing new items, thrifting, upcycling, or simply bypassing the trend altogether. This episode delves into the captivating color palette of Spring/Summer 2023, featuring electrifying shades of lime green, silver, red, and cobalt blue.

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