Unassuming Overalls

Zara Jacket (old), TOBI.com Overalls, pile ‘o jewelry from my mamma, Steve Madden Hilight sneakers on sale! (here),
Zara handbag, Michael Kors belt found at Nordstrom Rack! Yay bargains!!!! 
Overalls are scary. I have to admit I hardly wear mine, partially because they are a pain in a rear when you need to use the rest room, partially because they aren’t very common and often solicit the question, “Oh, you are wearing overalls?!” That comment is often accompanied by a confused look and a glance around for my hay bale. It’s safe to say though that overalls shouldn’t be that scary, they now come in many colors, pleather, leather, silk etc. No longer do they need to purely be the denim of our (parents’) youth. (I say parents’ because I don’t know about you but I happened to have a very strapping pair of violet-corduroy overalls in about 4th grade… but I did get made fun of for those too.)
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So what to do when presented with the daunting task of OVERALLS hanging in your closet, waiting to be worn, WEAR A JACKET! Then only when you get hot at lunch after trekking up 4 flights of stairs and you remove said jacket will people notice. See, tricky! But it works and gives you options.

If you are worried about how casual they may appear, DISTRACT PEOPLE WITH SOMETHING SHINY! I had so many necklaces on the other day you could hear me jingling from across the office. Worked like a charm!

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