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Thanks for being here, my name is Rebecca. I am a 30 something American currently living with my husband, 2 dogs and a cat in Germany. I am passionate about data, analytics and optimizing processes which is likely how I am able to juggle a full time tech day job with this side hustle of mine, formerly Blogger Not Billionaire now aptly named Rebecca In Europe. I am regularly asked if I work in fashion and while I did work for a major fashion retailer for many years, only one of those years was spent in the actual ‘Buying Office,’ the rest were in supporting tech roles. Fashion is my hobby and my passion and I enjoy sharing my style, styling tips and my love for fashion and trends across my brand. It is hard to work in the digital space and enjoy analytics without developing an affinity for all things social media marketing. When my brain is not plugged into Rebecca In Europe and engaging with my amazing community I enjoy travelling and exploring this new continent I call home.

What Is Rebecca In Europe?

BloggerNotBillionaire.com started as an outlet for fearless fashion and great style at any price point. As with any great story it has since grown into Rebecca In Europe, a brand about loving your body, overcoming obstacles, supporting sustainable fashion and fulfilling your potential to live your best life. Each of us has a very unique story and strengths that make us who we are and this is where I get to share mine and support yours. Fashion is about how you express who you are and life is too short to think you are anything but incredible.

I am always available to connect either through email: re*******************@gm***.com or through the following platforms.

Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube 

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