Goodbye 2014, Helloooo 2015

This year has been incredible and full of firsts. One of the biggest first and probably the most life-changing thing I did was start this blog, Blogger Not Billionaire. I had wanted to start a blog for as long as I can remember however it takes a certain kind of kick in the ass personally and the support of those you love (and their encouragement as well) to finally take that risk. Blogger Not Billionaire has been a wonderful creative outlet allowing me to share my thoughts on fashion, my personal fashion perspective and my style with the world. I could never have done it without my inspiring significant other who leads by example taking calculated risks to pursue his goals and dreams. His approach to the blog was always that of complete and total support and I would be nowhere without his love and occasional photography skills.

The real turning point after starting this little hobby of mine was when I actually got someone else to take my photos other than me (selfies be damned!.. kind of.) While my sister was unable to consistently be my photographer she opened my eyes to what my photos could look like if I actually left my apartment. Enter one of my best friends Katie volunteering to become my official photographer and off we ran with photos to rival the best of the best. Without her time, support and keen photographic eye my photos would be limited by my ever evolving posing skills.

It’s amazing how much work goes into a Style Blog, outfit prep, taking the photos, editing photos, writing editorial content: and without the support of my enthusiastic friends, coworkers and followers I probably would have become daunted by the task long ago. But here we are ending the year of Blogger Not Billionaire’s inception and I couldn’t be more excited to share 2015 with you as well.

In 2015 I will be traveling, bringing my style and you all with me to see no sights, gain new perspectives and as always share the evolution and growth of my personal style. I hope you all will continue to join me on these adventures. Have a wonderful new year and enjoy some of my favorite photos of the year (and watch my hair growth consequently.) Happy New Year. Cheers and thank you -Rebecca 


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