Elevate Your Style in 2015: A Year of Making Statements

 Happy New Year! Alright 2015, we are ready for you. I am not big on new years resolutions but I am a fan of goals and moving towards things that you value, such as defining one’s personal style. I have found over the course of this last year that my favorite style statements often involve taking several bold pieces and mashing them together: exactly what most people tell you NOT to do. We have all been in the dressing room before trying on that loud skirt or top etc and thought ‘What on earth will I wear this with?’ When we voice that opinion out loud a sales person or stylist will often say, ‘Something muted that balances the look.’ While there is definite merit in having the highlight a loud item with the rest of the look merely being a canvas I say throw out that convention.

Yes, these red wide leg pants are fabulous and statement making but so is this (knockoff) Acne oversize sweatshirt as well. Independently these pieces are still interesting and say something but together they elevate one another and the look as a whole becomes even bolder. The result is neither of the pieces end of being the focus but rather the whole ensemble takes center stage with the styling also becoming a notable element. So if you must make a resolution regarding fashion this year why not make that determination to embrace daring combinations and try new things with your wardrobe? You may surprise yourself and find your style reaching a new height that more fully represents who you are, or at least, that’s the goal. Happy Friday! Outfit details below. Cheers!


Chelsea28 Trouser (LOVE THEM) in a different color here, Acne wannabe similar here, Zara bag similar here

 Shop item inspired by today’s look below:

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  1. This outfit is AMAZING! Those trousers are major wow! xx


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