Why Your Sporty Windbreaker is the Perfect Topper for a Holiday Look


The holidays are fast approaching which means sweater sets, winter white and lots of Peppermint Mochas are in our future. For us here in Seattle that also means finding a way to wear your festive winter look in the rain which isn’t always an easy feat. Generally your winter clothing and winter coats aren’t water proof simply due to the expectation that it is brisk and chilly outside and if there is a light snow you can simply brush it off your shoulders… so when it finally gets cold outside we will be set but until then we need a better solution.

My PE Nation windbreaker has been a favorite since the day I got it. The colors are gorgeous, it’s reversible (hello wearing it multiple times in one week without ANYONE KNOWING) and yes, it has a hood and is waterproof. It seemed only natural then when I donned my winter knit sweater set yet needed a topper that I reached for my favorite go-to jacket. What makes this combination work isn’t the similarity of the jacket and the knit set but rather their differences; the contrast of the true sportswear with the feminine knit makes this look more interesting and more elevated style-wise than a simple wool would. As we mentioned earlier this is also a functional combination since the jacket is waterproof and will keep you decently warm since it really isn’t that cold out anyway. Lastly, the juxtaposition of the sport with the ready to wear makes what could have been a simple holiday look fashion forward and incredibly on trend. So the next time you reach for that basic wool topper think ‘how neat could this be with a sportier option instead?’ and push yourself outside of your comfort zone a bit. Thanks as always for reading!-Rebecca


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius
















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  1. You are just the queen of chic street style fashion. I seriously bow down to your skills!


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