The (Almost) Vintage Rocker T-Shirt

Iron Maiden Tee by And FinallyRock & Roll + Brunch, those are today’s topics. The first: why vintage (inspired) t-shirts are so hot and second: why you need to ditch the sun dress and wear that vintage tee to brunch.

DSC_0291First thing’s first: Vintage rock concert t-shirts have been essential elements of killer outfits for decades yet as each year passes authentic t-shirts become harder and hard to find. This has created a large demand for replicas as I am sure you know. We all remember seeing stacks and stacks of Rolling Stones knockoffs at Urban Outfitters and growing up I had one of those tees and was rather fond of it. Now as an adult I crave something a bit closer to the original but I haven’t been willing to pay the ‘true vintage’ price tag. I discovered this fantastic Iron Maiden t-shirt made by And Finally, a label exclusive to Topshop and all of my wants and dreams about almost-vintage-yet-not-quite band tees came true. The fabric is soft and has that “washed just enough times without falling apart” feeling to it with a great ‘stolen from your boyfriend’ fit. So far this is the only real tee shirt I have seen from this label but I am sincerely hoping for more as I find myself reaching for it as the perfect comfortable, sassy t-shirt all too often.

Iron Maiden Tee by And FinallySecondly: If you are like me and have a 9 to 5 you relish the opportunity to get dressed for an occasion or outing where you can push the envelope with your outfit. Brunch is one of those occasions worth getting dressed for but before you reach for that classic sundress that will match your friends, why not spice it up, grab some leather shorts and a vintage(esque) rocker tee and be the coolest gal at the table? Add a pair of classic aviators and you are ready for if brunch turns to an all day outing that takes you into the evening. I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and thanks for stopping by! Shop the outfit details below. Cheers- Rebecca

Iron Maiden Tee by And FinallyIron Maiden Tee by And FinallyIron Maiden Tee by And FinallyIron Maiden Tee by And FinallyDSC_0332 (2)Iron Maiden Tee by And FinallyIron Maiden Tee by And FinallyIron Maiden Tee by And FinallyIron Maiden Tee by And Finally

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  1. rebeccalcornelius says:

    Hello and thank you! I bought a theme off of Etsy actually. Glad you like it!

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