Weekly Wishlist: Color & Texture

textureThis week’s wishlist is evidence of the season’s transitions as we long for Spring yet have to face the frozen reality that is still winter for at least a month or two more. I am definitely craving color and texture in my wardrobe and outerwear is the best way to find it with the weather being the way it is. Topshop seems to be dominating the $150 and under footwear scene and there are more than one of their new styles on my wishlist (plus I really want those chelsea boots in both white AND gold!) While I love my steals such as this insane H&M sequined bomber, which feels so much more relevant than a satin green bomber, I have been finding myself more willing to invest in pieces that I know will be in my closet for years. That is why I am saving my clothing budget for the Isabel Marant Red & White striped jacket as well as the IRO threadbare sweatshirt. Both amazing high quality items that I know I would get my money’s worth out of.

Happy Shopping! -Rebecca

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