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  • Weekly Wishlist: Color & Texture

    Weekly Wishlist: Color & Texture

    This week’s wishlist is evidence of the season’s transitions as we long for Spring yet have to face the frozen reality that is still winter for at least a month or two more. I am definitely craving color and texture in my wardrobe and outerwear is the best way to find it with the weather […]


  • Weekend Wishlist: Activewear

    Weekend Wishlist: Activewear

    Activewear is one of the biggest growth areas from women’s fashion in recent years in part because fitness is popular but even more so because looking good while working out is even more popular. The problem for me when I see cute activewear is I feel like I don’t work out enough to justify it. […]


  • Weekly Wishlist: Activewear

    Weekly Wishlist: Activewear

    Sometimes you need activewear that is going to help you help you scale a mountain and other times you just want to look cute doing yoga and running to grocery store after. Finding functional, attractive technical wear can be difficult and so this week’s Weekly Wishlist is focused on that attractive, take you from Yoga […]


  • Weekly Wishlist: The Not So Basics

    Weekly Wishlist: The Not So Basics

    It’s time to shop! Every week I spend many a commuting/non-communiting hour on the internet searching for the hottest trends, what’s new and most importantly items that look like a million bucks but cost a fraction of that.