Weekly Wishlist: Activewear


Sometimes you need activewear that is going to help you help you scale a mountain and other times you just want to look cute doing yoga and running to grocery store after. Finding functional, attractive technical wear can be difficult and so this week’s Weekly Wishlist is focused on that attractive, take you from Yoga to Brunch active/athleisure wear.

Part of my personal workout regime includes lunchtime yoga twice a week. The kicker though is that yoga happens in a conference room at work taught by certified teachers, which means whatever I decide to bring to wear for my workout often gets worn walking down the halls of my workplace too.  This means sweaty gym clothes are basically out of the question since I am in a professional environment and since I happen to work for a fashion company. Today I am sharing my top, ‘Walk down the hall at work to yoga and feel confident’ workout clothes and there is no coincidence that there is a lot of Stella McCartney for Adidas. I happen to think her (more reasonably priced) pieces are fantastic.

Happy Shopping and thanks for stopping by! Cheers! -Rebecca

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