Signature Style: the Oversize Vest


  • – H&M ‘Flared Blouse’ Dress HERE
  • – Oversize Vest Zara (old)
  • – Snakeskin Heels Topshop HERE (they also come in an INCREDIBLE cobalt blue HERE)
  • – Zara Handbag similar HERE

Personal style is a topic that comes up frequently when you are a Fashion Blogger but I know I struggled with it before I started blogging as well, that question of what helps me define ‘me’ when I get dressed in the morning. I have been fortunate though, sharing so many looks on a regular basis with all of you has helped me to start to identify trends and silhouettes that I know I will be comfortable in and love. While this is helpful in your day to day life, knowing what makes a look become more ‘you’ can also be valuable when you are attempting to interpret some of each season’s more offbeat trends and you want to be able to effortlessly make them your own. Here’s my secret…

DSC_0278My secret: Add a giant vest to whatever I am wearing and call it a day. The end… Okay that isn’t the whole story but it’s part of it. For me I often feel that a look isn’t complete without outerwear and there are several outerwear pieces that I always make me think ‘now that is my style.’ This Moroccan inspired vest is one of those pieces. While definitely a ‘boho’ style, you aren’t likely to find my wearing a flower embroidered maxi dress with it anytime soon because that just isn’t my style. If I was wearing a flower embroidered maxi I would most likely pair it with a leather jacket or better yet, an oversized leather vest because the leather items would help personalize the look and give it the edge that is needed to have it fit y style. Once you can identify key items that can become your ‘signature’ like my giant vest obsession, you can use them as tools to ensure each time your get dressed or try a new trend you are still staying true to your own personal style.

DSC_0339One last note: I recently watched the Iris Apfel documentary ‘Iris’ and I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with discovering or defining their own personal style. Not only is Iris fearless in her fashion choices but she knows what speaks to her and how to combine different elements to build her own vision of style. Granted, not all of us can dress like Iris but we can all aspire to take more risks and more fully embrace our own personal style no matter what that is.

As always, thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day. Cheers! -Rebecca

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