High Waisted Pants LOVE Your BOOTY

DSC_0940  Yes, today’s post is about your derrier, your backside, your junk in the trunk etc, or rather (so you feel less uncomfortable) it is about MY booty but also why all of us should love our god given curves. I have a butt and a rather decent sized one if you compare it proportionally to the rest of my body and while sometimes it makes getting dressed quite frustrating (shift dresses hate me) other times it adds the ‘ah huh’ factor to an outfit. Take today for example.

DSC_0955It is no mystery I love a great trouser especially a full-legged pant (they make you look taller, leaner etc) but I always found that if I added a high waist to said wide pants then it became all about my booty. In case I forget that this effect or ‘booty highlighting’ is taking place, often someone unsolicited will remind me on the street which has lead to a bit of resentment towards my junk in the trunk and the unwanted attention it seems to attract. But that’s not the person I want to be.

DSC_0984Someone told me the other day that big butts were trendy but I disagree because CURVES have been around forever and if we harken back to the Marilyns and the Elizabeth Taylors of the world they were all about the curves and the booty (although in a much less in your face way than current celebrities..) So EMBRACE your rear! I have made it my mission to wear MORE high waisted trousers, to LOVE filling out a good old pair of jeans and owning that my back view may indeed be just as interesting than the front. Instead of discarding an item when it highlights and promotes an area of our body that we dislike perhaps instead we should appreciate that emphasis and take it as an opportunity to love our figures a little bit more. So love your booty people! And love the rest of your body too because we are all gorgeous confident women and we deserve to!

As always thank you for reading and tell me about your favorite body part in the comments below! -Rebecca



 Total Look: Zara



  1. Hells yes! You look amazing. I’m a huge believer in wearing what you love with confidence & joy. You personify that in this post! Preach!

    1. rebeccalcornelius says:

      Thank you so much Kelly! I am so glad this resonated with you and that definitely is how I feel about getting dressed as well. Thanks again for stopping by and reading!! -Rebecca

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