Zara Does Isabel Marant for FW15

Isabel marant zara coat knockoffIsabel Marant is perhaps one of the most coveted fashion designers around, why? Regardless of how what the dominant trends of the season are she makes clothes that are for the every woman, in other words they couldn’t be more wearable. This may explain why season after season items from her collection gain cult status and become must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. Every woman that is that can afford over $1k for an article of clothing and I am not ashamed to say I am not that woman. That’s where Zara steps in.

The biggest player in the world of not only fast fashion but all retail, Zara knows what sells and what works for its customers and it has tapped into the secret power of Isabel Marant’s wearability (by knocking her off.)  Every season there are countless imitation pieces in each of their collections. Here are 3 of my favorite pieces that will allow us to look like hip French women this season without breaking the bank.
1. The first piece is this large embroidered coat (upper left, bottom right) by Isabel Marant. Not only does it look cozy and have a hip bohemian vibe with its embellishments, it also is a wonderful cocoon shape you could wear with anything all year ’round. Zara’s imitation comes more in the form of a sweater/jacket or swacket (I love that term!) so it doesn’t pack quite the same pack as the 2k Marant version. For under $130 the embroidery and cocoon style of the Zara coat is still spot on and gives you the easy chic style inherent in Marant garments. Shop the Zara version HERE or if you have more money than me find the Isabel Marant ‘Dillon’ version HERE.
isabel marant boots2. The second killer knockoff is this pair of black moto booties with just the right heel height and absolutely gorgeous hardware detailing. The Zara version (upper left, shop it HERE) is almost a more sophisticated version of the Isabel Marant Aspeyn boot. It lacks the full wrap around strap but still has the buckle and grommet detail of the original. I honestly can’t decide which I like better since the original has a slightly worn-in feel that Isabel is so famous for but the heel is a bit more of a dress height which can be prohibitive for long term wear. Which is your favorite? Shop the Zara version HERE and the original Isabel Marant Aspeyn HERE.
3. Isabel Marant would not be who she is without her signature Western/French Cowboy style infiltrating every collection. For my last pick, the higher shaft western Runa boot (HERE) gives you a great knee high staple piece but with a funky twist. Zara imitated this style also in a beautiful suede with a cowboy feel but without some of the more intricate detailing that makes the boot unique but also will make it more trendy. This means our Zara pick may stand the test of time better style-wise although when has anything Isabel Marant ever made gone out of style (except for the famous wedge sneaker perhaps, but that is another story.) If I had $800 lying around I might opt for the Isabel Runa but at $119 the Zara version is just too good a steal to pass up. Find the Zara version HERE and the Isabel Marant Runa HERE.
Which is your favorite knockoff? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, Cheers! -Rebecca

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