Your Guide to Black Friday Sales: What I’m Shopping and Why You Should Too

Your Guide to Black Friday Sales: What I'm Shopping and Why You Should Too -BloggerNotBillionaire

Happy Black Friday everyone! I have a confession to make: there are very few sales/retailers/deals that I actually care about on Black Friday. Granted, I am not vying of a big screen tv or any fancy electronics so the majority of the draw to big box stores is not appealing to me. I DO however care about clothing and fashion accessories, as you probably already know. What I DO love about Black Friday in the fashion world is what is has evolved into: a day to get limited time savings on the clothes you were already going to buy, they were in your shopping cart/wishlist etc. While this honestly may not be the best strategy for retailers themselves it sure is great for those of us that now get 30% off of that coat we have been dying over or those Leather Overalls you have been stalking all season (they are SO worth it find them HERE.)

So here is my list of where I am (online) shopping today and actually getting an amazing bang for my buck. Happy Shopping

  1. Nordstrom– Let’s start with an additional 25% off of everything that is already seasonally markdown at Nordstrom, that is pretty fantastic. Why this made #1 for me this year was a specific pair of Olivia Polermo Leather Overalls (similar to ones in today’s outfit BUT BETTER) that I have been waiting to get marked down all season. They are now under $150 when they were originally $300, talk about a steal! This is also an amazing time to stock up on boots, sweaters and lots of holiday gifts (ugg slippers anyone?) so I encourage giving them a visit, even if only for those overalls.
  2. ZARA– I just bought my entire ‘save for later’ shopping list for 30% off, which means that most items were under $35 or even under $50 which is completely ridiculous. I would have bought most of these things anyway but not they are on their way to me for significantly less money.  Some of my favorite things to buy right now are ripped mom jeans (since they rarely go on sale) killer trend items like this patent red Moto jacket ($69) and of course great holiday items like this sequin dress.($49)
  3. H&M– There are some in-store promotions going on here for Black Friday but the real story is some of the fabulous knitwear that is on sale currently like today’s sweater (which seems to have sold out online, probably because it was only $19 and looks like $200) but there are still plenty of deals like THIS cozy sweater and this AMAZING mohair option.
  4. Shopbop– Arguably one of the most hyped up sales of the season, Shopbop’s Amazonian roots have begun to show with its extreme Black Friday deals, but who is complaining? With a ‘buy more save more’ approach to deals this is a perfect time to buy those fur covered Jonathan Sanders sneakers that no one else will be buying you this Holiday season or to let the world know Every Girl is Kate Moss with a crazy expensive Anna K tee, now made reasonably affordable at under $100.
  5. ASOS– Another website that is offering 30% off of absolutely everything is ASOS, a shop that if you are like me you already have a long wishlist for. The coupon as advertised on every THANKFUL30. Use it at checkout to get a discount on everything from your favorite Jaded London tattoo dress or our favorite deconstructed jeans.
  6. Farfetch– Lastly for the diehard fashionistas out there, one of my favorite luxury designer retailers that buys ALL THE FUN designer pieces (color/print/etc.) is having their seasonal sale. Granted you still will be shelling out a pretty penny for items like this Stella McCartney Cat stripe blouse but to be fair, it is half off. The REAL finds here are brands like Etoile by Isabel Marant more than 30% off including my favorite Endless Jean Jacket (that I already wear to pieces) and this Striped Statement beauty (also available in plaid HERE) that I just might have to have in my closet

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all of your options but those are my favorite sales to be shopping this fine Black Friday. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend and thanks for reading.-Rebecca


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius

Black Friday Sales: What's Worth it & What Isn't - BloggerNotBillionaire







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