Winterize Your Overalls

DSC_0406 2I hate packing away my favorite clothes when the seasons change simply because they aren’t ‘weather appropriate,’ so I decided to attempt to ‘winterize’ some of my favorites and see if I couldn’t make them work in the winter months as well. Not to mention that I have been DYING to try the sock and sandals trend every since Mui Mui did their insane bedazzled socks once upon a time. Read on to see how it went…

DSC_0481 2The outfit started with the shoes: I had an older pair of chunky sandals that were begging for a chunky sock and I found their perfect match in this gray Ralph Lauren pair (which are so comfortable they could easily double as slippers.) one I had my newly winterized sandal combination I looked for a perfect compliment that would show off the shoe  without making my freeze my butt off.  The solution was a perfect pair of boyfriend style overalls from H&M I had purchased this summer that I loved wearing far too much to stash away for the winter. A heavier sweatshirt was called for to balance out the abundance of leg being exposed to the elements. It also simultaneously introduced more winter color to the outfit while staying on trend with the mock-neck and extra long sleeves. Lastly I topped of the look with this insane Zac Posen Fringe Handbag that made me want to be in the state of constant shimmy (the fringe, it moves!!)

All in all I felt that my attempt to successfully wear the sock and sandal combo was successful as was my modification of short overalls for the cooler weather. The only difference I would make doing this again would be to add a chunky scarf for a bit more warmth especially if you happen to be strolling an ocean front pier.

Would you ever wear your short overalls in the winter? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! -Rebecca

DSC_0553 2Zac Posen Fringe Bag DSC_0449 2

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