Why You Should Start Your Spring Shopping NOW

20160213-DSC_0303Spring may not have sprung quite yet but in retailers everywhere Spring fashion has started to appear. While I personally am a big ‘buy now where now’ kind of shopper I seem to find myself wishing every year that I had better prepared for the summer months earlier in the year. So this season I am bucking my own trend and starting to buy Spring/Summer dresses exactly when I should, which is right now.


The collection that really got my wheels turning on this subject was the most recent one by The Fifth the Label (a great Aussie fashion label.) Full of easy summer basics and several lightweight prints and dresses it was EXACTLY what I wanted to be wearing this summer, only it was February. What made me turn the corner was the styling of this dress I am wearing today in one of their product shots because it was worn over pants, open as a jacket! I loved it! They showed me how to wear it in the current months AND once it warmed up which made it a great potential transitional piece as well as a warm weather one. This is the kind of thinking you need to adopt in order to make these Spring/Summer purchases justifiable if you are like me and the sun is several months away from really showing its head: how can I make it work now with some creative styling so that this new dress isn’t just sitting in my closet for the next few months?


Spring is available NOW and there are always ways to incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe earlier so bite the bullet and start saying yes to some of those special pieces before they sell out. Happy shopping -Rebecca



-The Fifth Front Row Dress HERE

-(I also bought THIS one and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, it just hasn’t made it to the blog yet. Stay tuned)

-Vince Dempsey Boot (on sale) HERE

-Zara Earrings

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