Transitioning Your Summer Dresses Into Fall Using Fall’s Best Layering Trends

Transitioning Your Summer Dresses Into Fall Using Fall's Best Layering Trends-

I am a self-proclaimed dress in the summer, pants in the winter person, in part due to Seattle’s seasonal weather and in part due to my aversion to tights. This year however, I spent all summer finding new ways to ‘winterize’ my dresses since layering a dress over rather than under other clothing has been a major emerging trend. We have layered evening dresses over sweatshirts, slip dresses over tee shirts and today we are layering a multi-purpose floor length dress over a lightweight knit dress.

How does that work? The Keepsake navy dress is actually a loose hanging dress with a drop waist so there was plenty of room underneath for a very form fitting light knit like this striped dress shown here. If it had been a tighter dress we were wearing over the top of this I would suggest instead wearing a knit top instead of a full dress, but the concept is the same. Just as a sweatshirt or a tee shirt can be an easy under layer for your dress come winter time, so can your turtlenecks and other knitwear in your closet.

What you need to consider when selecting both your dress and a layer underneath is 1) how fitted is the dress: is there even room for something other than a thin tee to be work underneath? 2) How thick is the top you are using? Again a sweatshirt may work in some instances and not in others, and lastly 3) Do the styles of the two items compliment each other? At the end of the day layering UNDER a dress is a fun yet challenging styling task so have fun with it. Start with basics and as you get bolder add in more fun like today’s striped dress or a graphic band tee. Happy layering and thanks for reading. -Rebecca


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius

  • Dress: Keepsake Mercy Dress HERE
  • Striped Dress: Old
  • Boots: Topshop HERE similar HERE

Dress Layering Over a Sweater-


dsc_0010-3  dsc_0047





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