How to Properly Layer Your Crop Top

How to Layer Your Finders Keepers Crop Top

  • – Finders Keepers ‘The Alchemist’ Top HERE
  • – H&M Blouse HERE
  • – Jeans Zara similar HERE
  • – Snakeskin Boot (ancient) similar, all snakeskin HERE 
  • – Karen Walker Sunnies HERE
  • – Forever 21 Ear Jackets HERE

Crop Tops are BACK!!! Let’s all celebrate… said no working woman ever. I will be the first to admit, showing my stomach in public is not something I look forward to let alone relish so I am not sure who exactly fashion magazines are screaming at with headlines telling us to proclaim our excitement. Nonetheless I have found a loophole in this whole ‘crop top’ scheme and the thing I am excited about is not just crop tops but layering them. Here’s why…

How to Layer Your Finders Keepers Crop TopIn response to the crop top wave has been a countermovement lead by the white shirt. The white shirt provides the foundational underpinnings that allow you to comfortable layer a crop top over without showing any extra skin. As an added bonus in doing this multi-layer scheme you also make your outfit much more interesting than it would have been with a singular item and check off the boxes of two major trends at once. That means covered skin, check and office appropriate, another check (as long as your chosen crop top fits the bill.)

How to Layer Your Finders Keepers Crop TopAnother interesting phenomenon resulting from the ‘crop top’ trend is the move away from ‘Off-Duty’ crop tops to more tailored pieces that, when layered properly, are the perfect ‘On-Duty’ pieces. A perfect example of that is today’s Finder’s Keepers top. This top has all the structure and the details for a gorgeous work top, just not quite enough length to accomplish the task on its own. Paired with a longer blouse, in this case a more feminine one to play with the structure, you have the perfect ‘layered’ look that is ready to go to work.

How to Layer Your Finders Keepers Crop Top

Lastly, layering a crop top is the only way that outside of California you are going to be able to transition the trend into fall. By pairing your chicest crop top with a longer layer you effectively extend its life as a wearable piece and look more polished and creative as a result. So give in and buy that crop top you have been eyeballing but make sure you get the corresponding shirt to go underneath.

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day. Cheers! -Rebecca

How to Layer Your Finders Keepers Crop TopSnakeskin BootsHow to Layer Your Finders Keepers Crop TopHow to Layer Your Finders Keepers Crop TopDSC_1123DSC_1134DSC_1038DSC_1062DSC_1051

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