Ethereal Florals Meet Menswear: Part 1


There is nothing more feminine than an ethereal, flowing floral dress that catches the light and billows about you when you walk. Zara did a full line of dresses this past summer with various crochet and asymmetrical details telling us that the trend is just beginning. These are dreamy florals in washed out colors with subtle knife pleating that plays with the light and the shadows.

This trend is so feminine with its semi sheer almost night gown feeling style that I had no choice but to throw a menswear inspired structured coat over it. They simply worked too perfectly together.This camel coat inspired by a traditional man’s overcoat with contrasting coloring under the collar makes the dress feel even more feminine. The contrast between the styles enhances the strength of each piece rather than muting them with two items so opposite on the spectrum. It’s as if you had stolen your significant other’s coat in order to slip out in your nightgown to catch the sunrise, that is what this trend should feel like: easy, relaxed and ultra feminine.


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius

  • Dress: Zara similar HERE and short sleeve version HERE
  • Coat: Topshop Last Year, another GORGEOUS Topshop option HERE




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