The 3 Things You Need For a Perfectly Polished Look: 80’s (wannabe) Supermodel Edition


Sometimes the word ‘polished’ gets a bad rap. The connotations of ‘stuffy’ and ‘boring’ pop into our head when polished can really mean pulled together and a whole lot of fun. In today’s look we are exploring those same 3 key items, the Brixton Fiddler, a great pair of boots and an oversized coat. Today though we are in full 80’s supermodel mode channeling Linda Evangelista in our ‘are you sure that’s a dress?’ Apple vintage sweatshirt and maximalist details.

3 Key Pieces can mean 3 basic items or 3 Not At All Basic items and today we are embracing the latter. This Topshop coat reminds us of a Chanel tweed that took too many steroids. The Sam Edelman Fringe boots in white suede are the picture of impracticality yet they are GORGEOUS. The Brixton hat is probably the most logical item in the group helping to hide hat hair while topping off the look style wise. This goes to show that within the bounds of key items you can also have a brilliantly good time, it all depends on your style and what look you are going for.


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius

  • Sweatshirt: Vintage 1980s, more options HERE
  • Boots: Sam Edelman HERE
  • Hat: Brixton HERE
  • Coat: Topshop similar (and GORGEOUS) option HERE





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