The Full Suit: Is Fall’s ‘Hottest Trend’ Actually Going to Catch On?

Fashion Blogger BloggerNotBillionaire Wears Fall's Hottest Trend, the Full Suit

Fashion magazines and trend guides do this every season: they pick a ‘hot trend’ and declare it THE trend of the season even prior to the season actually getting here. This causes retailers to scramble to stock their shelves with this ‘IT’ item and fashionistas everywhere to try to hop on the bandwagon early, but does it always work? This season’s Hottest trend is the full suit which means matching jacket and pants worn together. Born out of the Gucci runways I personally am already a huge fan (see my week of wearing suiting  HERE, HERE and HERE) I think the translation to the real world may be a bit bumpier for this trend.

So where did this come from? As I mentioned there was an early appearance on Alessandro Michele’s runways however the real momentum came on the Fall 2017 runways with Celine, McQueen, Marni, The Row, Altuzarra and basically EVERYONE else doing full suiting looks. This power suiting makes sense with fashion turning it’s focus towards the ’80s and the empowered work wear for women reflecting the political climate of the time. Clearly women everywhere are once again craving that sense of strength and taking charge of one’s own destiny that fueled the power suiting that was so pervasive in the 80’s as women took over the boardroom and seized the helm of their own lives.

So why am I so convinced that this empowering trend might fail to launch? It was also touted to be the hottest trend of Fall 2016 which clearly didn’t happen. Also something about our modern culture and the way women dress that has become very relaxed. We wear jeans to the office and a flowy, not structured dress on a hot summer day. In this type of environment a blazer would be a welcome addition to any wardrobe however a full head to toe suit might feel a bit aggressive.

On the other end maybe we ARE ready for it, maybe our approach has become TOO relaxed and too complacent. Perhaps we need a bit of a uniform to feel like we have our armor on and are ready for action. Fashion has always been a way to express ourselves and react to the political climate so this Fall the suit may be just the option we need to take charge of our futures. I for one am fully on board both with the full suit AND the empowered feeling it evokes but what about you? Will you be wearing a suit this fall? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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The Full Suit: Is Fall's 'Hottest Trend' Actually Going to Catch On? - Blogger Not Billionaire

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