The Return of the Blazer + Cloat

DSC_0308Something is happening in the world of Blazers: not only have they been making a resurgence this year in more traditional fabrications but they also are coming back into style with matching pants making a suit fashionable again! The new twist? Instead of a vest, the new must have third piece for your suit is a coat you wear over your jacket.

DSC_0370If you look at the Zara look book, street style snaps and you will see a contrasting topper or coat OVER the blazer. Not only is the blazer back but it is now perfectly acceptable being outside of the outerwear category and instead reclassified as an under layer. Is the blazer the new shirt? Perhaps, but more likely it is a refreshing way to layer, stay warm and add interest to a look. My favorite part of this whole thing is you probably already have the two key pieces of this look in your closet: a great blazer and a statement overcoat. Add a special belt into the mix, a fun skirt and you have a new fresh look for the new year.

Thank you so much for reading, have a safe and happy weekend. -Rebecca

DSC_0348DSC_0329DSC_0381DSC_0326 DSC_0362

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