3 Rules for Shopping at H&M Like a Pro

H &M is knocking it out of the park this season as pre-Fall rolls in and Gucci, Celine and Balenciaga inspired pieces abound. That being said, retailers especially like H&M are notoriously hard to shop especially online since they are technically knockoff pieces and to be 100% honest the quality can be hit or miss. That’s why today I am sharing my 3 rules for Shopping H&M like a Pro as well as my favorite Fall items that are already selling out.

RULE #1: Shop by price. This may be a little weird to say but when I say shop by price I mean DON’T by the cheap stuff, actually buy the more expensive pieces. This may be completely counter intuitive but in all of my H&M shopping I have found their higher quality pieces and more on-trend items are almost always above $45 and this has been my BIGGEST SECRET to finding amazing items at H&M. Why? Something magical happens above the $45 mark, the cut of the garment is better, the construction and the fashion value, or how on-trend it is is exponentially improved. Every so often I get a dud but 9/10 times this rule produces amazing pieces that I am honestly shocked and delighted by and I can’t be the only one who knows this secret since these are also the same items that are always selling out on their site.

RULE #2: Shop online. I rarely see anything over $45 in my local H&M. Ever. In less you are in NYC or some other big city you probably are only ever going to get one or two ‘hero’ pieces that are more expensive because they were advertised and advertised items have to be represented in every store. Other than that, the fashion-forward stuff is staying online so that’s where you need to be shopping.

RULE #3: Finding these items is hard so use the ‘Style With’ and ‘Others Also Bought’ sections to stay within that more ‘expensive’ collection. H&M releases items in groupings and usually a more expensive grouping of like items will publish all at once so they will be linked together. Rather than using the search bar on H&M.com for ‘over $45 items’ (that doesnt work.) Opt instead for searching within H&M’s algorithmic selections for you at the bottom of the page to find more pieces in that collection and in the same price range. This is a bit of a rabbit hole of an approach but it works and you are also more likely to found choice items that are almost sold out that otherwise wouldn’t populate your search results.

BONUS TIP: Try on at home, return in store. When H&M implemented this I just about fell off my chair because I HATE ONLINE RETURNS. They just take so long and while I don’t mind having my money tied up prior to receiving an item I LOATHE waiting for it to come back into my account once I return something. So return it in the store instead and throw it back on your card, easy as pie.

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