You have 10 Band Tees In Your Closet and it’s Winter Time, Now What?

You have 10 Band Tees In Your Closet and it's Winter Time, Now What? -BloggerNotBillionaire

So you bought a band tee, or two, or if you are like me perhaps more like 10. You have been wearing them under your favorite leather jacket and with a really awesome patent mini skirt but the weather is changing and its getting cold. Time time to embrace the biggest trend of the season: 90’s layering UNDER your clothes.

We tackled this topic earlier in the season with shirts and sweatshirts under dresses but this may be the most obvious and literal interpretation of the trend: tee’s over a long sleeve shirt. Band tees aren’t going anywhere but now that they have become a bit more pervasive, their styling has also gotten more interesting. Bloggers and street style stars alike have started layering band tees over everything from basic turtleneck, like today’s option, to printed shirts and hoodies. My personal favorite is a contrasting printed shirt underneath since I love a bold statement and the contrast of the print with a graphic tee but basics work as well.

To keep with the 90’s theme I paired this look with a metallic choker (oh yea, those are back too) and a pair of boyfriend fit full-length jeans with heels. Think the Calvin Klein look from two decades ago only without the underwear but with just as much slouch. These Aries Jeans are a favorite of mine with their fun metallic detailing and contrasting pockets, they aren’t just your average pair of denim.


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius

  • Metallica Tee: HERE
  • Dad Jeans: Aries Denim on sale HERE
  • Celine Knockoff Sunglasses: HERE
  • Panacea Gold Collar: HERE

Metallica Band Tee Layers- BloggerNotBillionaire


Aries Metallic Jeans- BloggerNotBillionaire


Celine Flat Top Knockoff Sunglasses- BloggerNotBillionaire







  1. Love your hair and styling tips!


    1. rebeccalcornelius says:

      Thanks so much Sophie!

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