Grown Up Tie Dye

How to wear 'Grown Up' Tie Dye

When I say ‘tie dye’ what do you think of? DIY camp t-shirts, surfers on the beach, your youth in the 90’s or maybe all of the above? The tie dye trend checks lots of different historical references depending on how you style it which is one of the reasons it’s such an accessible trend. Today we will explore a more *cough* adult way to style the trend that won’t make your friends wonder if you are back in your Nirvanna phase again.

Tie dye can have a lovely surfer/beach vibe to it and that’s exactly where we are focusing in this look. The neon drawstring on this hoodie from the Men’s section at Zara gives the perfect contrast to the beach washed colors in the sweatshirt. Not able to resists a matching moment I paired it with a neon green snakeskin skirt from ASOS and a pair of rainbow shield sunglasses. To elevate the look I added a pair of white Zara cutout heels and a pair of statement Chandelier earrings.

Get the Look:

So if we add a pleated skirt and a fresh pair of heels we can transform a hooded sweatshirt into something ‘mature?’ I’m not entirely sure we check that box but it sure feels like an on-trend approach to an otherwise very casual item. I’m on board, are you?

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  1. Love the skirt and hoe you styled it!

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