The Only Leather Jacket You Will Ever Need

DSC_0243There must be an art to leather jackets as we all seem to be in a constant state of looking for that elusive ‘perfect jacket’ that goes with everything, easily can dress up or down a look and that feels like second skin when you are wearing it. Finding that magical jacket in a reasonable price range therefore seems impossible, or at least it did until I accidentally found this jacket.

Gucci Lady Web, missguided leather jacket

DSC_0289The first step to finding the perfect leather jacket is really knowing what you are looking for: is it a classic straight-off-your-harley moto jacket you are looking for or more of a butter soft draped look? For me it was the former so the stiffness of this particular Missguided jacket was both surprising and very very welcome. It adds an edge to any look that simply feels effortless and while the shoulders are structured like a true biker jacket the cropped shape keeps it feminine and not overpowering as some jackets can be.

DSC_0224Another question you have to ask yourself: does it really need to leather? We can debate the breatheability of leather versus synthetic fibers but I will tell you this: in order to get a TRUE leather this stiff and structured this would be one HEAVY jacket and it certainly wouldn’t be an easy summer go to. In this synthetic form not only is the jacket lightweight but it also keeps the price under $100 which is amazing.

DSC_0216So share the love and share this find with a friend because we all have been looking for this jacket for far too long. Plus with the versatility of a jacket like this no two people are going to wear it the same way so TWIN on and pay it forward because this is the only black leather (non-leather) jacket that you need in your closet.

Thanks for reading!-Rebecca


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  1. This is amazing, these leather jackets are amazing, I love this jacket style and really want to buy this kind of leather jackets. Plus the photography in these pictures are so awesome.
    Keep posting the other stuff of leather jackets for women

    1. rebeccalcornelius says:

      Thanks so much Emily! This is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. yes it is… everyone need a perfect jacket for fashion.

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