The Denim Onesie: Not Just for Mechanics Anymore

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If you have seen many of my blog posts/photos or anything you probably know that I am a jumpsuit/romper/onesie person through and through. As with trends like these though, in order to not be taken too literally we avoid things like all white jumpsuits or denim jumpsuits thus honoring the origin of the trend without pushing it too far. With the emergence of the denim jumpsuit fashion has crossed that line and I have as well.

Need me to change your oil? I probably couldn’t do it (and that is still wishful thinking.) Yet this jumpsuit honors a workman lifestyle and (if it wasn’t such thin material) would actually be incredibly functional. So when was the last time you left your house to head to work or to the mall and then kept the same outfit on to check the tire pressure with your significant other? Ladies and gentleman, meet the utilitarian jumpsuit and I hope when you get yours you treat it as such as well letting it not just be a fashion piece but a functional one as well. Check out similar styles below and have a wonderful, productive weekend. – Rebecca

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