How To Wear The Trend: The Denim Jacket

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The Denim Jacket: My first thought when this 90s trend continued to appear over and over was ‘shoot, I used to have so many of those!’ Like all trends, this particular one keeps reappearing over the years only with different shapes being more popular at different times. Today the prominent style of denim jacket is the classic, boxy cut 90s jacket that, if your lucky, you just may still have in your closet, although if you are me the question then is does it still fit since the last time you wore it was Junior High, but I digress.

As with all trends that feel all too familiar the challenge is to make them feel new and fresh again. I love all of the denim on denim looks are dominating the street style scene but with the jacket versus the denim shirt I prefer something a little less conventional. Instead try pairing your denim with a contrasting color of denim, in this case a white pair of boyfriend jeans. Also contrasting styles such as a classic cut jacket paired with a more modern boyfriend jean also help this trend feel updated and new. Add a similar but not completely matching pop of color and voila, a look that feels appropriate for Spring and like nothing you would have worn in Middle School.

DSC_0164 (2)DSC_0309 (2)DSC_0205 (2)DSC_0225 (2)And when in doubt, add a puppy. Happy Tuesday everyone! -Rebecca

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