The Demise of Denim

It’s official: Women’s Wear Daily has announced that denim is on the decline. But why? We all still have to wear pants or something on our bottom half! Retailers are embracing it and heavy denim brands are showing their pain in their earnings, but what does that mean for us regular folk for whom denim has become a staple?

To answer this question I did the first thing I could think of: hopped on my instagram @bloggernotbillionaire and looked for jeans!.. Kept looking… I realized, I can’t remember other than on the weekends and the 2 times there have been blog posts involving them, the last time I actually went straight for my denim drawer. In fact there probably is a layer of dust on it.

The culprit? Trousers! One of my favorite daily staples I have cropped tailored trousers in at least 8 colors, wide-legged trousers, printed trousers and trouser shorts even, to name a few. Why? Because they are a fashion item in themeselves and you can base an outfit around them. Denim are more like the canvas that backdrop your fashion items but trousers, those are the paintings themeselves.

Clearly I am not the only person feeling this way as the people flock from colored jeans to colored denim and printed jeans have given way to statement making printed trousers. I would hypothesize that tops have become more basic and white/back have become *even more* popular as we try to balance out our loud statement bottoms, but who knows? I love a loud top WITH a loud bottom! Why should only one half of your body have all the fun?

My case for denim: As much as I love the boyfriend pleather pant (center photo) I will always reach for my trusty boyfriend jeans on the weekend or on a weeknight trip to the store. Nothing is every quite as comfortable or as reassuring as a well broken in pair of jeans. Also, boot season is coming, and try as I might as soon as I switch from ankle boots to knee high boots, trousers don’t really tuck into boots, at least if they aren’t jodhpurs they won’t. Only time will tell the fate of denim and whether it truly is declining. In my non-professional opinion it’s just a faze and we will be back in our mom jeans in no time.

In the mean time, here are some snazzy trousers I will be wearing while my denim takes a breather.

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