Blue Suede Boots

If you ever happen to stumble upon Blue Suede Ankle Boots you should probably buy them. If they are remotely comfortable and inexpensive then you should definitely buy them. Such was the case with these particular Zara booties procured last year during their summer sale (coming soon!) Like most people my original inclination when I saw these charmers in the color options of tan suede and blue suede was to purchase the tan ones. So I did. 
They were very attractive, comfortable and functional and fit in with my other 4 pairs of tan ankle boots that all look relatively alike. Long story short one of my friends whom I showed the blue pair too following the tan purchase told me I was crazy and would love those darn shoes and at $30 I was clearly a fool not to own them. Now any outfit can get the pizzaz it needs courtesy of a trusty cheap pair of blue suede boots. The moral? ALWAYS buy the blue suede shoes. And stalk Zara during their summer sale. It’s worth it.
 The Lowdown:
  • Dress Zara
  • Earrings ASOS
  • Jacket Nordstrom, old
  • Boots Zara, old
  • Clutch French Connection from Nordstrom

    About the earrings: As a short haired female (and believe me this is currently a VERY LONG look for me) I find that sometimes you miss having your locks brush your shoulders. However, that very same feminine feel can be found with extra-long earrings so I tend to gravitate towards them quite frequently and often push the limit on how long an earring should be by a touch more than your average person. ASOS always has amazing statement pieces like these (that I add to my wishlist until they go on sale) and they tend to rarely disappoint. The only word of caution with beautiful monstrosities such as these is you can only wear them so often due to the weight. No one likes saggy earlobes and frankly no one likes pain either so don’t go running in them either. Cheers!

     Sometimes you just have to give some attitude. Thanks for reading!

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    1. Love your outfit, especially the leather jacket!

      Stay fancy!
      xxx Kelly-Louise

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