Happy May Day!

The Lowdown:
  • Blouse/thing: Topshop old
  • Skirt: Forever21 similar here
  • Earrings: Forever21
  • Boots: UrbanOG 

Mixing prints is often difficult but incredibly fun and unexpected often in outfit however as much as I love this blouse I had a lot of difficulty with finding things to pair or with. It went ahead and mixed prints and textures already within the blouse so adding print was overkill and pairing it with solids didn’t do it justice. The lace skirt who’s texture is almost a print in itself was perfect because it compliments the colors with the white, added interest while not making things to busy. My takeaway: when you have a print that you just can’t seem to fit with another print or a solid, try shifting the texture of the pairing garment instead. Cheers!  

I remember being a child and having May Day be a day where you picked flowers and then left them on your neighbors doorstep while you rang the doorbells and ran. Unfortunately in Seattle May Day has come to mean something very different: protests. To those like myself simply heading to work, I wish you a safe, sun-filled day. To those who feel like this is their chance to share their voice I hope you can so it in a peaceful manner because any message is immediately lost once property begins to be destroyed. Happy May Day everyone. 


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