Gold Crushed Velvet. Yes. Gold. Crushed. Velvet.

 I am sure you have experienced the feeling of rolling out of bed, getting dressed, looking in the mirror and realizing that you look kind of like a middle school kid on their first day of school. Mind you a REALLY COOL middle school kid because Aimee Kestenberg handbags weren’t around in the 90s and there is no way your mom would have let you wear a gold crushed velvet skirt to school that hugged your rear like it was sprayed on. I love those days.
 The Lowdown:

You know you want this backpack. Franky I had a minor obsession with it until it became MINE and with its soft, salmon pebbled leather and massive zipper the minor obsession has progressed to a major one every day. Do school children stare at it in envy? You bet they do. I have had several youth comment on its ‘coolness’ as well as fashion aficionados. We all have a fondness for backpacks as they harken back to a bygone era of carefree mornings and playfulness. The fact that they happen to be a massive trend as well at the moment doesn’t hurt either. Get on the bandwagon. 
Crushed velvet is also a ‘totally 90s’ returning trend and of course anything in gold is just better so to use the terminology of the era, this skirt is pretty rad. If you happen to see it glimmering in a Nordstrom Rack somewhere BUY IT. I got stopped in the middle of taking the photos for this particular post by a grown woman with her husband who asked, “Is that gold crushed velvet?!” Yes my lovely neighbor, it most certainly is. 

Lots of butt shots. Sorry, but the bag and the skirt are definitely the best parts of this outfit and you don’t wear a backpack on your front. Again, apologies.

 These fancy little earrings are actually springs which means they double as a fantastic distraction tool when engaging in a conversation that requires fidgeting or when bored on a bus ride.

Cheers all, have a fabulous Wednesday!

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