Casual Thursday

Happy casual Thursday because I just couldn’t wait until Friday. I did however find myself a rather snazzy pair of pony-hair Steve Madden slip-on sneakers so all of a sudden casual doesn’t seem quite so boring. My new favorite Aimee Kestenberg handbag/backpack made an appearance, brightened up my outfit and making all the school children jealous. This particular vest was purchased 2 sizes too big as it was the only one left, yet that over sized boyfriend look always seems to fit with military styles like this.

The Lowdown:

An interesting tidbit to pass along: If you look above you will see little white socks poking out the back of my sneakers. Although bare feet may be fun, in shoes like these that results in some serious blisters. Luckily when I purchased these a friend immediately marched me to get some mini socks to cover just the right bits of my feet and keep these lovely shoes pain free. So if you are considering sneakers PLEASE get the right socks. You will thank me. Plus they are cute. Try these or these. Cheers!


  1. Super casual yet stylish outfit, lovely backpack <3
    liked ur style posts a lot, hope to see more 😉
    Following u via Bloglovin, Instagram and G+…would like to see u on my blog, hope we can keep in touch Xx

  2. Thank Ainur! I will definitely check yours out as well!

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