The Go-To Outfit

Aritzia Jacket (ancient), Hoodie Brandy Melville, Jeans Zara similar here, Handbag Aimee Kestenberg, Sunglasses Ray-Ban

We all have them, those few favorite pieces that we love, wear when we are feeling sick, traveling, don’t know what to wear, just want to feel cozy etc.  You are looking at mine and it has actually become an outfit over the years. The green Aritzia jacket has had its pockets re-sewn several times and I have probably worn this Brandy Melville hoodie more frequently and more consecutive times than anything else in my closet. These Zara pants just happen to feel like sweatpants and the snakeskin ankle boots are my go to when I have no idea what to wear/ I just want to be comfortable/ they go with everything. I just happened to be sporting this the other day, like usual after a weekend trip and wanted to share my favorite/travel/easy/comfortable/cozy/no brainer outfit. If you don’t have one yet I highly recommend checking out this hoodie as it hasn’t disappointed in years.

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