Green, White and Blue.. Go Seahawks

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Let me preface this post by stating that it will be about fashion, but first we have to talk about sports, but I promise it will have a point in case you aren’t the sporting type. In case you haven’t heard or do not care, Seattle’s football team the Seahawks happen to have won the Superbowl last year in an incredibly smashing victory over the Denver Broncos. As a result, whether fair-weather or not, all of Seattle is in love with the Seahawks and their subsequent colors: blue, green and white. In case you are a soccer (or futbol) our Seattle team the Sounders also sport the same colors albeit in slightly lighter tones. Even our baseball team sport a blue and white uniform meaning that any time I happen to exit my apartment in an outfit such as the one above it is assumed that I am showing my team spirit and am fashionably off to watch one of the above sports. Initially this caused a bit of annoyance for while I do love football, I also happen to love the color combination that my home team proudly dons. Perhaps this is an example of our fashion and sports worlds combining and who knows, I am not much of a jersey wearer in the office so this may be my solution to showing my pride without losing my sartorial chops. Cheers and enjoy! Have a fabulous week!


  1. OBSESSED with cobalt blue right now. These pants are amazing!!!!

  2. Thanks Rachel! They still have them in store and the Zara sale is at at the end of June. I may take a day off for that… just a thought. 😉

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