Print on Print: Combining Two Statement Prints in One Outfit

Proenza Schouler T-shirt similar here, Assymetrical Skort Forever21, Heels Zara ON SALE, Earrings Vintage

I have to confess this post/outfit may be a new favorite. Perhaps its because it uses one of my favorite yet difficult shirts that happens to be designer find, or maybe its the bold blue background that I am slightly in love with. The most likely guess is I do happen to love wearing prints yet I do not mix them enough and I think its because I, like all of you, worry about ending up looking like a hodge-podge piece of upholstery which is a fate worse than death.
So let’s start slow with this print-mixing. I chose black and white because they are simple and you don’t have to make sure your colors match. Matching prints, check! Next, I found two that were different enough that they didn’t blend together yet the elements within them were relatively the same size so that everything stayed even. Even prints, check . Lastly, I anchored the look with a statement shoe that has a laser-cut design that just happens to compliment the pattern. I also happened to have mismatched face earrings found at a Portland antique store, one black, one white. Perfect!
Moral of the story: if I can mix and match some prints and feel bold yet great about it, anyone can as long as they are matching, even and anchored. Have a fantastic Monday and as always thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

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