BRANDED: Wearing Designer Names without Bringing Back the Early 2000’s

Kenzo Sweatshirt Here, Printed Topshop Trousers Similar Here, Backpack Aimee Kestenberg, Sunglasses Forever21, Shoes Zara

Juicy, Coach, any major designer with a logo: We all remember our branded early 2000’s where you screamed your fashion loyalty all over your monogrammed outfit. That trend was so obnoxious it quickly disappeared into a wave of minimalism leaving a twitch in all of our faces anytime we see letters on someone’s velour rear or Cs covering their handbag.

Nevertheless the branding is back but this time its cheeky and more subtle. Take Alexander Wang’s infamous lazer cutting of his name into his garments in his Spring2014 collection or Kenzo and their infamous lion head sweatshirt littering street style blogs everywhere. We have all seen the T-shirts as well with ‘Celine Me Alone’ and the ‘Comme de F*** Down’ but those are quickly becoming a thing of the past as well. So how do we wear that trend without, dare I say it, being to trendy? My answer is treat it like a print, mix it with other prints (see crazy fab Topshop Pants above) and recognize that you are a walking billboard. With luck as this trend fades some of our cherished items (like said sweatshirt above) will become kitschy collectables rather than tacky garage sale items. Happy Monday, thanks for reading and have a fabulous week! Cheers!

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