The Third Piece… and No, Your Underwear Don’t Count

Zara Vest (old), White Trousers similar here, Crescent Necklace here
 This is where I admit to a minor obsession of mine that has recently become socially acceptable again: Outerwear Hoarding. If I had a dollar for every time I had a killer jacket or vest to wear but nothing to wear under it I would use that money to most likely by more outerwear. 
‘The Third Piece’ is one of those retail-speak terms that means the additional item you throw on when you already have your top and your pants (or bottoms.) I personally love a vest as my third piece even in the warmer months because it always adds interest to an otherwise normal look. In the fall there is obviously a much less cosmetic reason for a jacket or a coat, but sometimes we forget when wearing our fall sweaters that a vest still works just fine and in the case of the one above can Isabel Marant-ify your outfit (aka add a very street style festival chic to your look.) So don’t forget that extra piece just because its fall and we love out sweaters and ‘functional outerwear!’
In case you haven’t heard, it’s hat week this week on my instagram account @BloggerNotBillionaire! Stay tuned for a full recap of each look this weekend or catch them as they happen on Instagram. Happy Wednesday! Get inspired with similar items to today’s look below.

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