How to Wear Ankle Boots in Summertime -
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How to Wear Ankle Boots in the Summer : Inspired by Louis Vuitton

Oh ankle boots. I sincerely hope this trend never dies since it comprises 75% of my entire shoe wardrobe and based on recent runway shows it’s fall from popularity isn’t likely. The ankle boot is perhaps the easiest shoe style to wear , it fits with practically any look from any decade making it an […]

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Dressing for fall Outfits over the knee

What European Women Taught Me About Wearing a Blazer

Two months after I purchased this gorgeous ever so subtle hounds tooth blazer there it sat in the bag I purchased it in, tags still intact, unworn. It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to wear it, I loved the idea of a blazer resurgence and the feminine empowerment that comes with a structured shoulder and […]

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July Instagram Recap: Featuring the Coffee Sweatshirt

By popular demand now you can shop all of the Flatlays and random fabulous photos you see on my Instagram that are unrelated to a blog post. From my COFFEE NOW sweatshirt to my furry loafers, these are some of my absolute favorite things so I hope you enjoy! -Rebecca Nikon DLSR HERE Jessica Buurman […]

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3 Reasons Why NOW is the Perfect time to Buy Designer

You have been stalking it for weeks: that perfect jacket/bag/pair of shoes you saw on that runway/blogger in that certain issue of Vogue and you know, deep down, with that jacket you would be a more fully realized human being. The only problem is that jacket is $600 and that handbag is 2k and you […]

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The PERFECT Gucci Princetown Fur Loafer Knockoffs

It only happens once in a blue moon, an IT item appears on the fashion scene that is SO iconic that EVERYONE takes notice. Fashion editors rush to get their hands on this item as the uber chic of the streetstyle stars instantly make it a staple in their wardrobe. This year the Gucci Fur Loafer has […]

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