Dressing for fall

Dressing for fall Outfits over the knee

What European Women Taught Me About Wearing a Blazer

Two months after I purchased this gorgeous ever so subtle hounds tooth blazer there it sat in the bag I purchased it in, tags still intact, unworn. It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to wear it, I loved the idea of a blazer resurgence and the feminine empowerment that comes with a structured shoulder and […]

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Dressing for fall Moorea Seal reds scarf zara

The Colors of Fall

Fabulous Hat Moorea Seal, Zara Scarf Similar, Zara Trousers, Suede Boots Fall in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most gorgeous times of year as the weather tends to be mild and their are colorful leaves changing and falling around you while evergreens maintain a lustrous backdrop. It is no wonder then that when […]

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