The Colors of Fall

Fabulous Hat Moorea Seal, Zara Scarf Similar, Zara Trousers, Suede Boots

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most gorgeous times of year as the weather tends to be mild and their are colorful leaves changing and falling around you while evergreens maintain a lustrous backdrop. It is no wonder then that when the leaves start to change everyone her is drawn to reds, oranges, rusts and the many rich colors of the season. Keeping true to myself, I often prefer dressing in all one color palate *easier to match quickly in the mornings* so instead of wearing one fall color I tried to where them all, all at once.

The key elements to this outfit are the staples for me for the next several months; the ubiquitous scarf you actually need to keep warm (so it helps it if it is cute as well, not to mention ‘blanket’ scarves such as this one may be the hottest trend of the season,) the trusty ankle boot that doesn’t mind too many puddles and the hat to keep your head warm and you looking permanently chic. Other than these 3 things, this outfit is incredibly simple, just red on red which goes to show the power of the accessory. To confess, this entire outfit was designed so that I could vibrantly wear this scarf so don’t discount just how much those details can transform your outfit.

Have a fabulous Tuesday and shop Fall inspired pieces below!.

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