Urban Monday: Print Layering

Faux Leather Pants BlankNYC, Striped T-Shirt Similar, Zara blouse (old), Steve Madden Backpack Similar, Zara Boots Similar

Ever get bored of some of the items in your closet? Ok, dumb question since all do and for me this floral print Zara t-shirt was a piece I liked but never seemed to wear outside of the summer months. Cue an accidental laying on top of a striped shirt while cleaning out a drawer and voila, a do-it-yourself new print of florals on a subtle stripe. I wish I could take credit for this killer combination of layering but unfortunately it was just an act of luck which I am most happy to replicate and share with you all. So dig out those semi-sheer pieces and a printed shirt and start seeing what other new prints you can make!

In other news THESE BlankNYC PANTS ARE PHENOMENAL and on sale! I have another pair of faux leather boyfriend trousers you may have seen that are unfortunately starting to show their age and while shopping Nordstrom’s current Clearance sale I saw this pair: a killer replacement. Not only are they SO soft and comfortable, they also fit a bit slimmer and have some amazing detailing so I highly recommend snagging them while you can as they are the best thing I have purchased in a long time. Happy shopping and have a fantastic Monday! Stay tuned for more posts this week!


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