Sunshine and Sequins


There is a famous DVF quote that I can no longer remember the source of where she chastises women for the wearing of sequins during the day. This was prior to the re-launch of the DVF empire and I am sure in the ‘new age’ DVF world daytime sequins are no longer taboo but there was a time when they were. You have probably heard something similar combining the words ‘tacky’, ‘sequins’ and ‘daytime’ all in the same sentence but I am here to tell you if you abide by that rule then you miss all of the fun.

The magical thing about sequins is really how they catch the light. At night they capture the little light that is present and reflect it off of you making you the belle of the ball (or the disco-ball), they certainly make you stand out. In the sunlight however what sequins are able to do is 10 times as powerful as their evening power. A sequined garment becomes a director of sunshine in itself reflecting everywhere. If you look closely in many of today’s photos you will see circles of sequin light on my bag, the wall behind me, shining on my face and everywhere that surrounds me. You don’t see that kind of reflective power in the evening and well, it is nothing short of fantastically good fun.

So stop relegating your sequined garments to the “night out” category and start wearing them paired down throughout the day. Watch what a difference it makes and the joy you feel when you wear that first reflective item and embrace those sunshiny sequins night and day.

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Happy Thursday – Rebecca

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