Crouching Tiger, Hidden Florals

The Rundown:

  • Shoes: Asos last seen here similar here
  • Top: Zara here
  • Faux leather Trousers: similar here
  • Jacket: Forever 21 similar (and nicer) here
  • Earrings: World Market

I am not a florals person. I don’t particularly do the girly look without some sort of an edge. I look horrendous in pastels (although I sure have tried this last year..) and I particularly am not a fan of specific, non-abstract prints so the floral trend has been quite the challenge for me.

When I saw this Zara top, with its architectural neckline, mixed abstract prints and bold colors I was sold. I absolutely love the green next to my neck and face, you couldn’t find a more flattering color arrangement. I personally hate when pattern/color placement are arbitrary on a garment. What sits next to your face makes the world of difference as to whether you are washed out or illuminated by what you are wearing.

To break up the floral/brightness of the outfit I opted for comfortable black, but with some texture in the faux suede jacket and faux leather pants. (Unfortunately the leather on leather look isn’t that cute. I have tried many times but still, no luck.) These pants feel like sweatpants. I sized up to get them extra baggy found them on sale at Nordstrom (with the help of a fabulous stylist/friend) and I have been in love with them since.

SHOES always bring together an outfit and these chartreuse wedges certainly make a statement. I wish I could say they were as comfortable as they were attractive but that isn’t the case. The wow factor of the electric yellow makes them worth it though. I personally believe everyone needs a chartreuse pair of shoes, not just ‘yellow’, add some electricity!
I have never discussed this before but you have probably noticed that I love a good lipstick. Everything looks better with lipstick and nothing works as well to distract you from perhaps the other undone parts of your face, hair etc. I often am known to forgo my makeup application time in the morning for breakfast or additional sleep and I always can count on a good lipstick to mask all that and make be look prepped, primed and ready for the day. Today’s lipstick is a pencil and a newer favorite of mine although certainly not new to the market. I personally adore the pencils since they are much easier and apply (faster needing less accuracy=better!)
  • Nars Dragon Girl (color) velvet matte lipstick here
Cheers! And have a fabulous week!


  1. Amazing 🙂 so chic and elegant


  2. Such a pretty mix of floral print and leather trousers! And you look pretty too! 🙂

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