Adam Katz Sinding

Adam Katz Sinding. I guarantee even if you have no idea who that is you have seen his photos. I promise. The genius behind Le 21 eme a street-style fashion blog, Adam has become a staple, a legend in the photog world. As irony would have it, I first stumbled on Le 21 eme years ago when it was gaining steam, yet I was shocked to hear it was helmed by a fellow Seattleite whom a friend of a friend knew really well because they had worked together etc., you know how the stories go in a small city.

Adam’s eye is amazing and I feel as if so many of my “the Outfit: It’s All In the Details” pins on pinterest are his because of his ability to juxtapose an outfit with its surroundings and highlight something you might have otherwise missed: to focus on a detail in such a way that it is illuminated and enhanced. Check him out, follow him and enrich yourself with his amazing photography.

All Photo Credits: Le 21 Eeme 

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