These Coats Were Made for Layering


Just when we think we have the ‘art of layering’ perfected, someone in the fashion world changes the game, sets a trend and leaves us all racing to catch up. Layering a coat over a jacket or any multiple outerwear combination isn’t necessarily new, just ask anyone who lives in a freezing cold climate, and honestly something like the weather can spur on a trend that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Take this recent New York Fashion Week, it was freezing!!! So naturally, layered coats became a trend out of necessity since everyone wanted to show off their outfits yet they also wanted to be warm and at Fashion Week, an all-consumer down parka isn’t really an option (unless its commes de garcon.)

The key to pulling off this trend without looking like the Michelin Man is balancing your proportions. If you have a short leather jacket try wearing an oversize long coat over top in a contrasting color. For a closer fitting printed jacket an oversized sweater jacket with a very different color and shape like in today’s look works well. The thing to avoid here is wearing the same style twice as you lose interest and are less likely both of the pieces. So remember different shapes, textures, lengths and volumes between the two items will keep things interesting. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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