Leather on Leather: Political Movements and the Way We Dress

Leather on Leather- Feminist style- BloggerNotBillionaire.com

Leather Overall Dress (similar HERE and HERE) | Beret | Leather Coat (similar HERE ) |Boots (similar HERE) | Necklace (similar HERE)


The way we dress is often a reflection of fashion trends true, but it also can be a reflection of the times and cultural movements that are happening. Today’s look is giving me major 70’s vibes and I kept help but wonder if my googling of Gloria Steinhem protesting in the 70’s filtered into my wardrobe choices subconsciously. Similarly with fashion week approaching leather on leather seems like a fresh way to combine current closet favorites but again there is something tough and defining about a leather overcoat that says ‘don’t mess with me.’

Fashion reflects the world around us: political slogan tees and high fashion overwhelming embracing street culture speak volumes about how the fashion community feels about the happenings around the world and it always has. Is it a coincidence that voluminous menswear inspired trousers and power suiting or even leather outerwear are coming back into vogue? No, and what great power clothing can have.  So the next time you lust over a runway look that feels ‘powerful’ to you or you find yourself reaching for that leather piece from the 80’s you didn’t think you had the balls to wear previously, remember that fashion has power: it can help embrace and define cultural movements so use it and let it help your voice become even more powerful.

Photography: Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius




  1. I absolutely love this look! All the leather is amazing and so is the color combination! Wintery, but fresh!

    Xoxo, Marieta

    1. rebeccalcornelius says:

      Thanks so much Marieta! <3

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