An Easy Way to Wear Sequins During the Day… and in Ball Pits

An Easy Way to Wear Sequins During the Day... and in Ball Pits

Once upon a time wearing sequins during the day was a novel concept. I remember Dianne Von Furstenberg saying how it was taboo and bold, but with what we have seen on the runways in the past few years it now feels like the norm. Whether you think it is still novel or you wear sequins as easily as you eat cereal I have one surefire way to find wearing sequins in the daytime even easier. The sequin t-shirt.

An Easy Way to Wear Sequins During the Day: the Sequin T-shirtA simple t-shirt silhouette covered in sequins is exactly what you need to make sequin dressing an easy part of your everyday life. You can style it the same way you might any plain t-shirt. My favorite way is with a pair of worn in vintage Levi jeans and a statement heel. A sequin t-shirt with jeans is already incredibly versatile. It can be worn to a dressy occasion or just for everyday. Fancy a swim in a ball bit? It works for that too.

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Photos: Vivan Hsu

Ball Pit Photos from the Color Factory NYC

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